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Top 10 reasons to hire a Wedding Planner

Do you need to hire an accountant to manage your taxes, or a real estate agent to buy a house? No, you don’t. But you trust professionals every day to handle things you may not be comfortable handling. Your wedding is no different. You can do it all alone, but you can hire a wedding planner to help you avoid a lot of stress.

So why you hire a wedding planner? Here are the top 10 reasons:

10) Guidance – Where does the Maid of Honor stand? Should I have guest seating? Do I need to shuttle people? Every wedding is unique, but there are always lots of details to consider. A wedding planner can help guide you so that you don’t miss anything.

9) Scheduling – There are lots of moving parts in your wedding. You can’t confirm the meals with the caterer without knowing the final head count, and you won’t have the final head count until you follow-up on the RSVPs. An event planner can help with all of these scheduling details so you can avoid unnecessary delays.

8) Communication – Communication is the key to managing your wedding. Communicating with you, your invitees, the wedding party, and your vendors early and often ensures that everyone meets your expectations and timelines.

7) Budgeting – A wedding planner knows how much things cost and how much you should expect to pay your vendors for their services. We can help you create a realistic budget and balance your priorities to stay on, or under, your budget.

6) Vendor negotiations – We have relationships with the vendors and suppliers who can help make your event into a reality. Because we have these relationships, we may be able to help you negotiate better prices for your wedding. You will never use them again, but WE will..so it is in their best interest to take care of you.
Why Hire a Wedding Planner in San Antonio
5) Time savings – Going through your RSVPs, following up with your guests, checking-in with all your vendors, and everything else you need to double-check can be very time consuming. We save you time by managing these details and letting you prioritize your time for only the most important (or most fun) parts of the process.

4) Unbiased opinions – We can provide you with a professional and unbiased opinion on everything from your design choices to your playlist. The best part of this: if you need to make decisions that are unpopular with other people, you can always point back to us: “Why didn’t we play that Motley Crue song?”, “Why didn’t crazy aunt Kelly get an invite?”, “Why didn’t we go with the black and red theme?”, blame the wedding planner (it’s ok, it won’t hurt our feelings).

3) Dependability – It happens all the time: someone commits to helping you, then they get caught-up with their own lives and don’t have time to help. They might mean well, but it puts you in a difficult position, usually at an inconvenient time. This also happens on the “Day of”: you expect someone to handle something, but they forget—or spend a little too much time at the wine-bar. You shouldn’t have to rely on your guests to take care of things that a professional can handle.

2) Less stress – You’ll have hundreds of things to worry about for your wedding. In the grand-scheme of things, many of those things aren’t exciting (managing clean-up, place-settings, mailing invitations, etc)—but they need to get done and you still need to plan for them. When you hire a wedding planner, you can focus on the things that matter and we’ll handle all the details and logistics so you don’t have to stress about it.

1) Because you should be enjoying your day – It’s YOUR big day. You should be spending it with your friends and family. You shouldn’t be running around taking care of loose-ends–you should be enjoying the spotlight. With a professional by your side, you can live the day you’ve always dreamed of. As we say here at ElatedWeddings, we’ll handle the stress—you just put on the dress!

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